How to Help

Children's Advocay Centers of Arkansas offer opportunities for getting involved! We believe everyone has valuable gifts, talents, and strengths, and we encourage you to join yours with ours in a creatively combined effort! Together we can help the hurting and bring joy, hope, and compassion to those in trying situations. Please contact us today for more information on how you can help.


Not all the scars left behind when a child is abused are visible, physical scars. All too often the scars of maltreatment manifest themselves in other disturbing ways including increased juvenile and adult crime rates, alcohol and drug abuse problems and emotional disorders.

But there is hope. Each year thousands of young victims begin their journey to recovery through a children's advocacy center (CAC), a child-friendly place where even the smallest and most vulnerable of child victims can feel safe telling what has happened to them and where their healing can begin.

You can help these children by making your gift today to Children's Advocacy Centers of Arkansas (CACA). Your gift will support the services CACA provides CACs in Arkansas ensuring that all abused children in the state have access to the caring and compassionate services that a CAC provides.

To Securely Donate Online:

To donate by mail send to:
Children's Advocacy Centers of Arkansas
124 West Capitol Avenue, Suite 865,
Little Rock, AR 72201

Thank you for your generosity. Your support makes a profound difference in the lives of abused children in our state.