Start a CAC

There are several steps a community can take to assist them in identifying local leadership, securing area resources, and laying a strong, lasting foundation that will ensure development of a successful children's advocacy center.

Assess local needs

Collect the following statistics from the past three years:

Initiate dialogue among local child abuse agencies

Include agencies such as:

Use dialogue as an opportunity to assess levels of interest and commitment regarding formation of a multidisciplinary team and development of a CAC. If a multidisciplinary team already exists, determine their interest in supporting a CAC.

Identify Community Leadership

Identify and involve local community leaders with an interest in issues related to child abuse victims and their families. Assess level of interest and commitment related to formation and support of a CAC.

Identify Community Resources

Identify and communicate with individuals, groups, businesses and organizations that have an interest in the well-being of local children. Identify community resources including people, finances, facilities, materials, services, etc. that might be useful in the establishment, development and maintenance of a CAC. By contacting CACA as early as possible in the development stages of a CAC, communities can benefit from the wealth of collective experience of successful, established CACs throughout Arkansas. CACA can provide resource materials, public presentations, and training. CACA can also provide ongoing direction and technical assistance for communities in the early stages of CAC development.